Agenda 08/23/16

Faculty Senate Meeting Agenda
Regular Meeting No.1 of the 63rd Session
Faculty Senate Chambers (2320 D.H. Hill Library, West Wing)
All members of the General Faculty are invited to attend
August 23, 2016, at 3:00 p.m.  ‐


1.   Call to Order   ‐ Jeannette Moore, Chair of the Faculty

2.   Introductory remarks
a. All senators and Joni Lancaster introduce themselves
b. Guests and invited speakers introduce themselves

3.   Announcements
a. See the back of the agenda each week for announcements

4.   Approval of the Minutes, Regular Meeting No.14 of the 62nd Session, April 19, 2016
           Darby Orcutt, Associate Chair of the Faculty

5.   Provost’s Remarks and Q/A   ‐ Warwick Arden, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost

6.   Old and New Business
Status of resolutions passed in the previous year ‐ Jeannette Moore
♦     Resolution in Favor of Updating the Alma Mater (Appendix A in the April 19, 2016 agenda
at:‐minutes/  )
♦     Resolution of Opposition to the new Proposed Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace regulation
(Appendix B in the April 19, 2016 agenda at:‐minutes/  )
Flowchart of Faculty Governance in the UNC System ‐ Jeannette Moore
This is posted under the General Faculty tab at

7.   Faculty Assembly Update  ‐  Paul Williams, one of your Faculty Assembly Delegates

8.   Input from senators on Topics of Concern  ‐  Jeannette Moore

9.   Senate Communication (to and from constituents)  ‐  Carolyn Bird

10. Issues of concern
Faculty Issues of Concern can be submitted at any time to a senator or to
Minutes from each Faculty Senate committee (Academic Policy; Governance and Personnel Policy;
Resources and Environment) are posted so progress on issues/discussions can be monitored by all.

11. Adjourn
Note: The reception at the Chancellor’s house (The Point) for Faculty Senators normally follows the first
Faculty Senate meeting, but this year it will be after our second meeting (September 6).

Tour of the new Faculty Research Commons: All senators are invited to see the new facilities (down the hall from the Faculty Senate Chambers) immediately after the meeting adjourns.  Darby Orcutt



Faculty Senate Calendar and Announcements
August 23, 2016


8/25/2016 3:00 pm Thursday:  Executive Committee in 2320 D.H. Hill ‐ Jeannette Moore, Chair

8/30/2016  Committee meetings:

ACADEMIC POLICY COMMITTEE ‐ Sarah Ash and Alton Banks, Co‐Chairs
3:00 pm in 210 Dabney on Tuesday, 8/30/2016
a. University Academic Advising Council (UAAC) and the Inter‐College Transfer (ICT) Program

3:20 pm in 441 Withers on Tuesday, 8/30/2016
a. Faculty duties support people once did

RESOURCES AND ENVIRONMENT COMMITTEE ‐ Kimberly Ange‐van Heugten and Helmut Hergeth,
Co‐ Chairs

3:00 pm in the Faculty Collaborative Conference Room, 2310 DH Hill Library, on Tuesday, 8/30/2016
a. Petition to change unity ID in compelling circumstances

9/6/2016 Faculty Senate Meeting at 3:00 pm in 2320 D.H. Hill ‐ Jeannette Moore, Chair



1. Dean Linton’s proposed CALS departmental name changes were approved electronically by the 2015/2016
senators.  The mergers and new names became effective July 1. (See Appendix B)
2. There has been a change in the flow for Grievances; in the past, they were delivered to the Chair of the
Faculty.  Now they go to the Faculty Grievance/Review Committee Chair.  See the “Mediation, Grievances,
and Hearings” tab at (the new Senate web page).
3. The new Faculty Research Commons was unveiled in D.H. Hill (same floor as the Faculty Senate Chambers)
this summer.
4. Roy Baroff, Faculty Ombuds, welcomes the opportunity to talk to departments about the Ombuds service
or to any faculty member about a faculty issue of concern.
5. The Fall General Faculty Meeting is Tuesday, October 4th at 3 pm in the Talley Coastal Ballroom.  All faculty
are encouraged to attend.  Suggestions for the topic/theme should be sent to Jeannette Moore by
September 7th.

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Appendix A: Response from the Chancellor to the 2015/2016 Faculty Senate Resolutions
Appendix B: CALS Departmental Name Changes
Appendix A and B for 82316 agenda