R2: 2014-2015: Resolution of Commendation for Dr. Betsy E. Brown

Resolution of Commendation
for Dr. Betsy E. Brown

Whereas: Betsy Brown, Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs, has distinguished herself over a period of ten years of service to North Carolina State University, and

Whereas: she chaired the task force on faculty well-being that ended up creating the Office of Faculty Development. That office now provides a wide array of workshops and programs to assist faculty with their teaching, research, and service and

Whereas: she has been an important advocate for women on campus through her work with the NSF ADVANCE grant, creating policies and regulations that relate to gender equity, and her leadership has created an environment in which the potential of all NC State women is recognized and promoted, and

Whereas: she revised the regulations and procedures for non-tenure track faculty, standardizing all terminology, types of positions, and criteria for promotion.; she strongly advocated for the use of career Non-Tenure Track (NTT) positions (such as teaching assistant professor) rather than course by course instructor or lecturer positions; and also started a Non-Tenure Track Faculty Community that meets several times a year to discuss issues of interest to NTT faculty, and

Whereas: she incorporated inclusive language regarding domestic partners into the tenure clock regulation, and worked with Department of Human Resources to ensure that the provision providing automatic extensions to faculty who use 60 days or more of FMLA is implemented, and

Whereas: she has been an important resource for department heads, providing orientation for new department heads, facilitating climate workshops for department heads, and serving as advisor for individual department heads, and

Whereas: her work with the Faculty Senate has fostered a culture of shared governance at NC State University,

Be it resolved that the Faculty Senate of NC State University hereby expresses its deep appreciation for the numerous contributions of Dr. Brown to the university, and commends her exemplary achievements as an administrator at NC State University.