The NC State Governance, Communications, and Recruitment Committee deals with matters internal to the Faculty Senate and the General Faculty.  It oversees the outreach strategies for the Senate and evaluates their effectiveness in disseminating information and recruiting new members.

2023-2024 Committee Membership

Kimberly Ange-van Heugten, Co Chair
Tamah Morant, Co Chair

Members: Bryan Bell, Matthew Breen, Dennis Daley, Timothy Drake, Leila Hajibabai, and Warren Jasper

Committee Meeting Schedule

 2022-2023 Committee Membership

Kimberly Ange-van Heugten,


Tamah Morant,


Members:  Laura Blessing, Matthew Breen, Marko Hakovirta, and Andrey Kuznetsov

2022-2023 Committee Meeting Schedule

2021-2022 Committee Meeting Schedule

2020-2021 Committee Meeting Schedule

2019-2020 Committee Meeting Schedule