University Committees


University Standing Committees

Liaison Constituency Consulting
Matthew Rever University College Bookstores
Barbara Kirby Agriculture & Life Sciences Extension, Engagement & Economic Development
Darby Orcutt General Constituency Commencement
Neal Parker Management Registration, Records & Calendar
Kerry Havner Engineering Lifelong Faculty Involvement
Natalie Cooke Agriculture & Life Sciences Admissions
Josh Boyer General Constituency University Housing
Harry Perros Engineering University  Research Committee
 Min Liu Engineering Council on Undergraduate Education
P.K. Lim Engineering Group Insurance and Benefits
Paul Williams Management Evaluation of Teaching & Honorary Degree
Jeremiah Feducia Sciences Council on Athletics
Deniz Eseryel Education Watauga Medal Nominating Committee
Helmut Hergeth Textiles University Courses and Curricula
Philip Sannes Veterinary Medicine Speakers and Lectures (Harrelson)
Jane Lubischer Sciences Watauga Medal Nominating Committee
Marina Bykova Humanities & Social Sciences International Programs
Donna Carver Agriculture & Life Sciences Watauga Medal Nomination Committee
Carolyn Bird Agriculture & Life Sciences Watauga Medal Nomination Committee, Honorary Degree
Steven Vincent Humanities & Social Sciences Survey Advisory Committee
Robert Hayes Engineering Honorary Degree
Elizabeth Fath University College Campus Environment Sustainability Team
Kimberly Ange-van Heugten Agriculture & Life Sciences Common Reading
David Fitzpatrick Humanities & Social Sciences Union Activities Board
Jennifer Kuzma Humanities & Social Sciences Honorary Degree
Rajade Berry-James Humanities & Social Sciences University Diversity Advisory Committee
Doug Pearce Poole College of Management Admissions Board Graduate School-Fall 2018
Mary Beth Hawkins Sciences Council on the Status of Women
Dimitris Argyropoulos Natural  Resources Library
Richard Kotek Textiles Watauga Medal Nominating Committee
Paul Huffman Sciences Honorary Degree
Angie Smith (Michelle Bartlett(Fall 2018) Education Admissions Board Graduate School
Sid Thakur Veterinary Medicine University Budget Advisory
Hans Kellner Chair-Elect Watauga Medal Nominating Committee